9-month QSL HEAL facilitator program

Read all about our 9-month QSL HEAL Facilitator Program. We recommend this group program. We recommend scheduling a 15-minute call to answer all your questions.

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Embodying Flow


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Embodying Flow: living through the mind body continuum...

We offer a comprehensive one-year program for individuals who aspire to master the art of facilitating quantum social learning (QSL) and its HEAL language and communication framework and process in various settings such as in educational, clinical, and social environments. To complete the program, you must attend at least 80% of the weekly group sessions, individual mentoring, and practicums, and demonstrate consistent progress throughout the year. During and after this program, you can participate in our growing community of practitioners and facilitators or engage in research activities.

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the facilitator training

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Stage 1

Flow in Observing

Time-tested observation practices, based on quantum social learning, help you uncover the more subtle aspects of your experience and grow beyond crises, seeing reality through a more mindful lens.

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Stage 2

Flow in Evaluating

By consciously observing, you can tune to and empathetically evaluate and give feedback about the brain and body’s circuitry, and about what happens between individuals when they socially interact.

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Stage 3

Flow in Facilitating

Improving your ability to guide individuals and groups can boost your facilitation aptitude and self-assurance, resulting in you becoming a proficient and confident facilitator.

stage 1

  • During this initial learning phase, you’ll explore several key aspects:
    • QSL’s language framework and process: understanding how you can use QSL HEAL to communicate your observation from multiple perspectives, and express yourself.
    • HEAL (Human Experience Augmenting Language): deepens your understanding of reality, trauma effects, and the division between subject and object, and more.
    • Practicums: Engaging in practical experiments to evolve your understanding and skills.
    • Touch practice: Learning how attention contextualizes within the body and socially.

stage 2

  • In this stage, you’ll delve deeper into QSL theory and practice:
    • Knowledge acquisition: explore knowledge acquisition from multiple perspectives.
    • Touch practice: Further develop your understanding of attention across different zones, functions, and activities, including socially.
    • Conscious practice: Enhance your diagnostic skills and become proficient in facilitating both individuals and groups.

stage 3

  • Here, you’ll emphasize connecting with others to guide them on their QSL journey:
    • Facilitation skills: Enhance your ability to support others in one-on-one sessions.
    • Confidence: Become skilled and confident in facilitating QSL HEAL.
    • QSL HEAL skills can only be developed through intensive practice.

Remember, each stage builds upon the previous one, leading to a comprehensive understanding and practical application of QSL principles.


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Training Process

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Action Learning

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Conscious Person

Conscious Practice

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3 Stages

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Social Practice

Conscious practice in social interaction.

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Carlo Giovanni Monsanto is a co-founder of IoLee Ecosystem, an endeavor that embodies his commitment to conscious, resonant learning experiences and collaborative conversations. His work transcends boundaries, fostering personal, organizational, and social transformation.

Carlo is a community leader, innovator, scholar, and architect. Carlo’s journey has been shaped by deeply transformative experiences and a rigorous study of various disciplines, including health science, psychology, contemplative science, and, more recently, General Quantum Theory. His exploration of Bohmian Mechanics and Rheomode has further enriched his understanding of reality and consciousness.

Carlo’s unique ability to simultaneously look from different perspectives, bodies of knowledge, and insights enables him to facilitate transformative change in those he encounters. Since 1990, he has meticulously systematized his expertise. In 2019, alongside his partners, he pioneered a first-of-a-kind language and communication process that simultaneously involves internal viewing (interception) and synchronizing actions from within, known as H.E.A.L. (Human Experience Augmenting Language). Apart from solving “the hard problem in consciousness,” H.E.A.L. is the basis of the workshops, professional development programs, and facilitator training that Carlo facilitates.

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Andreea Georgiana Petruse became entrenched from a young age in the pursuit of deeper self-awareness and understanding of the human condition, due to a variety of life experiences. She has obtained a Master’s in organizational systems with a focus on pedagogical application, a Bachelor’s cum laude in cultural anthropology, and independent studies in transpersonal psychology, trauma resolution, education theory, and philosophy. Her goals are to offer empowering internal frameworks to educators and students (K-12), with the hope of shaping a new educational paradigm – one that truly prepares our children for living life, improving both its quality and potential. She is currently contributing to QSL HEAL as an ambassador of its language and communication method and process and a guide in its development as a curriculum. Andreea believes in HEAL's capacity among other things, to effectively guide children to develop trauma/conflict resolution skills early in life and thus, better traverse life’s difficult passages. She serves in the core team of TEUS (Transforming Education in the US), and the board of BRITE, Ventura, and is also author of the upcoming book, Song Of The Child in which she further explore this vision and its affect on social evolution.

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