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QSL HEAL technology

For conscious technology developers interested in our value proposition, please read on for details about our aspirations for the integration of QSL HEAL in third-party technology. QSL HEAL is a communication layer that can revolutionize the User eXperience (UX) of your sofware solution.

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from: HEAL

  • QSL HEAL introduces a groundbreaking understanding and approach. It delves into the persistent divide within us, where our suffering, scarcity, and crises tend to linger.
  • Through a novel language and communication process it builds resilience, involving self-awareness, emotional regulation, and community support.
  • Its transformative journey enables us to access our heart and whole-brain, allowing us to address crises, miscommunication, and suffering holistically.
  • By nurturing our inner world and fostering compassionate connections, we contribute to healing both ourselves and the world around us.
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  • Aspiration: We aim to make HEAL holistic language and communication process universally accessible to any user.
  • Crucial Role: Transformational/conscious technology plays a pivotal role in enabling (human) users to access their own potential, psychologically, physiologically, and socially.
  • Foundation: Underpinned by HEAL, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as a medium.

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  • We wish to HEAL the disconnect between the significant technological advancement that stimulates our cognition and the sentient, emotional, and vulnerable part of us. This is where the HEAL-UX comes in.
  • HEAL-UX or HEAL User eXperience will be a holistic software ecosystem that can relate to users' thoughts, feelings, sensations, and other subtle experiences.
  • We envision facilitating the richest possible quality of life experience to evolve human life, many persons and many more communities at a time.
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crafting experiences

  • Multimedia & Multisensory: Facilitating straightforward experiences that awaken users’ inherent awareness and feeling presence.
  • Grounding Process: Providing a stable foundation through HEAL-UX “Grounding” process.
  • Language Skills: HEAL-UX has a vocabulary of nine (9) linguistic elements, based on which the user can learn to map, decipher, and resolve disconnection patterns, and advance through different evolutionary stages.
  • Supporting Process: Facilitates experiments to study how disruptive patterns resist the natural flow of the body.
  • Objective: Heighten quality of life experience.

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communal sharing

  • Unity & Collective Growth: Shared experiences foster unity and collective growth.
  • Unlocking Potential: Users realize untapped potential beyond initial beliefs.
  • Catalyst for Transformation: Personal and communal transformation with a ripple effect on society.
  • Democratizing Access: HEAL-UX amplifies reach, making transformative experiences universally accessible.
  • Objective: Foster collective transformation.

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non-hierarchical network

  • HEAL-UX nonlocal: HEAL-UX can facilitate group or collective grounding and integration processes
  • Global Connectivity: Users flow between communities based on language, region, profession, or interest.
  • Interwoven Communities: A globally connected network linking numerous users.
  • Catalyst for Harmony & Prosperity: An organic, emergent path towards global unity.

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inspiring initiative

  • Collective Progress: Learning from each other, working towards common goals.
  • Harmony & Prosperity: Demonstrating the transformative power of community engagement.

This vision of interconnectedness and shared growth through HEAL-UX reflects our commitment to a harmonious and prosperous world.

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Feel free to get in touch; we’re excited to hear from you! See below for contact details.

coordinator technology

Carlo Giovanni Monsanto is a co-founder of IoLee Ecosystem, an endeavor that embodies his commitment to conscious, resonant learning experiences and collaborative conversations. His work transcends boundaries, fostering personal, organizational, and social transformation.

Carlo is a community leader, innovator, scholar, and architect. Carlo’s journey has been shaped by deeply transformative experiences and a rigorous study of various disciplines, including health science, psychology, contemplative science, and, more recently, General Quantum Theory. His exploration of Bohmian Mechanics and Rheomode has further enriched his understanding of reality and consciousness.

Carlo’s unique ability to simultaneously look from different perspectives, bodies of knowledge, and insights enables him to facilitate transformative change in those he encounters. Since 1990, he has meticulously systematized his expertise. In 2019, alongside his partners, he pioneered a first-of-a-kind language and communication process that simultaneously involves internal viewing (interception) and synchronizing actions from within, known as H.E.A.L. (Human Experience Augmenting Language). Apart from solving “the hard problem in consciousness,” H.E.A.L. is the basis of the workshops, professional development programs, and facilitator training that Carlo facilitates.

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