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QSL HEAL Research

Here we describe our past and present research projects and offer resources such as papers and references to our own and supporting research.

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what are we addressing?

All crises, scarcity, miscommunication, and human suffering, without any exceptions, occur at the intersection between our inner world and the external world. Our minds, bodies, and social interactions serve as the canvas upon which these experiences unfold, simultaneously reflecting inward and outward. This produces stress disruptions that can cause conflict and disorder. Despite significant advancements in modern science, this interplay between our internal realms and the objective reality, including our body, remains the “meta/hard problem” to solve.

QSL HEAL introduces a groundbreaking understanding and approach. It delves into this profound divide, bridging the gap through a language and communication process that simultaneously engages interoception and exteroception, among other modes of observing. This transformative journey reveals that we are heart-centered whole-brain thinkers, experiencing the inner and outer realms as an interconnected continuum.

Through QSL HEAL, we aspire to address the crises in education, business, and healthcare, ultimately uplifting human life on a global scale, including the regeneration of our planet.

David Bohm: wholeness vs fragmentation

David Bohm, with his profound insights into quantum meta/physics and the wholeness underlying reality, greatly inspires us in unraveling the intricate fabric of conscious experience through the systematization of QSL-HEAL.

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In this era of global transition, humanity seems to be collectively shifting towards a synchronistic intelligence that embraces our interdependence and the impact of our actions on the world. This new consciousness prioritizes sustainability, ethical consumption, and cooperative action, fostering a culture that values the well-being of the environment and society over material wealth. Innovations in technology and communication can propel this shift, enabling a more informing and engaging global community. As we move forward, our intelligence, when shared, will guide us towards a harmonious future where living in balance with nature is integral to our collective existence.

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Quantum Social Learning

Quantum Social Learning (QSL) is an innovative approach to action learning, drawing inspiration from various disciplines, particularly the work of David Bohm in “rheomode” or “flow mode.” QSL employs a unique psychosocial interpretation of quantum theory. This holistic perspective underscores the interconnectedness of our inner and outer worlds, emphasizing the pivotal role of awareness and the heart in our collective experience.

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bridging perspectives

Imagine gazing at a distant star. For those who observe solely from the third-person, Wholeness appears just like that—transcendental, a celestial goal to be reached, shimmering beyond our immediate grasp.

Now shift your perspective into the first person. From here, Wholeness is the very fabric of existence, a fundamental being from which experience perpetually emerges. And when this completes, it merges seamlessly with this essence.

Enter the first stage of QSL. It’s like stepping onto a bridge that spans both viewpoints. We ground ourselves in objective reality while simultaneously embracing our naturally inclusive essence. It’s a dance—a flow that is fundamental to observing.

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observer observing the observed

In our intricate dance, the act of observing transcends mere perceiving. It becomes a bridge that unifies the observer and the visible observed reality.

How does this happen?

At a subtle level, experience simultaneously exists in multiple states, and constantly transforms. When we ‘observe by focusing,’ we collapse this superposition into a specific existence. In the cosmic choreography of observation, we mirror this quantum dance. Like particles existing in multiple states, we ourselves remain potentialities until we choose to focus—crystallizing into existence. And when experience finishes its life cycle, it’s because we’re opening our attention to the possibility of a new becoming...

HEAL language spectrum

Object | Noun

Process | Verb

Salient Network

Dorsal Attention Network

Default Mode Network

Language Bridge

Whole Brain

Subject | Experiencing

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Embodying Flow:

Living through the Mind Body Continuum

In our vision, QSL HEAL emerges as a contemplative language, exploring the nature of the observer and the dynamics of observing. It is not merely a language; it empowers by attuning through the hearts of entire communities. Imagine its transformative force integrated into technology, nurturing action learning, and kindling shared intelligence. As we synchronize our actions from within, across people, projects, communities, companies, and institutions, we breathe life into a brighter world—one where humanity thrives and our planet dances with renewed vitality.

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HEALing our unresolved past

Experiences, based on disappointments, adverse childhood events, and various forms of trauma, including transgenerational, and cultural, including slavery, often remain incomplete. Repression and suppression mechanisms trap these experiences in our unconscious. HEAL uses simple language to access the heart and the whole brain to create a space for decoding, transforming, and integrating these unresolved experiences. Cathartic transformations help us move beyond our cognitive biases, narrow perceptions, limiting beliefs, and habitual patterns, leading to greater clarity, heightened awareness, and a stronger sense of presence.

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HEAL is more than a language...

We envision QSL HEAL as a transformative language and communication process, used by and weaving through our communities. Transcending our challenges and confusion, its use can potentially augment our capabilities beyond the imaginable.

QSL HEAL can be facilitated by anyone interested in sharing its system and life-transforming processes. It’s also applicable in well-being-oriented technologies. The objective is to cultivate a sharing intelligence that synchronizes actions from within.

Together we can uplift human life and heal our planet, touching every person, community, project, institution, organization, and company.

Feel free to get in touch; we’re excited to hear from you!

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research areas

  • We describe how the use of nouns in natural language, makes us focus into local contexts, parts, with local functions and activities rather than the whole.
  • HEAL reveals non-local, whole to part, communication skills across contexts, functions, and activities, simultaneously.
  • HEAL also provides an interoceptive/exteroceptive language and communication process to decode rigid internal patterns of adaptation that express physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and otherwise.
  • HEAL promotes holding space for the simultaneous transformation from whole to part and back to whole, rendering resolution and coherence.
  • When a group people hold space for one another, what they think and how they feel while giving and receiving will be simultaneously experienced interpersonally, producing coherent, synchronistic actions.
  • We facilitate research experiments whereby the aforementioned aspects can be observed, tested, and reported about.
  • To evolve humanity's mindset toward collective resolution, holism, and coherence, we need a language and communication form supporting such transformation.
  • QSL HEAL is the first of a kind and, currently, the only contemplative language and communication process known to us.
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citizen science

Are you a researcher, with or without a research degree, or a polymath, someone who simultaneously looks and draws from differing perspectives, bodies of knowledge, and practices, to solve problems? And do you have a knack for studying conscious experience related areas? Then, we wish to talk with you about getting involved in our projects as a citizen researcher. Schedule a 15-minute meeting here

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Want to know more about citizen science? Check out this resource here


For a less technical QSL HEAL white paper: download

For a more technical early draft overview of QSL and HEAL: download (pre-print)

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Citizen/researchers actively participate in research projects, often beyond data collection. They may be involved in project design, analysis, and decision-making. Unlike passive subjects, citizen researchers actively shape the research process. If necessary, we will help you affiliate with an academic institute.


  • Collaborating with other scientists to design research questions.
  • Conducting interviews or surveys.
  • Analyzing data or contributing to research publications.
  • Context: researchers can be involved in life sciences, social sciences, humanities, or other disciplines.
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Monsanto, Carlo G.

Monsanto, Carlo G.,

Petruse, Andreea G.

Luidens, Angelo

Monsanto, Carlo G.

Chan, Andrea (W.S.)

Action research: 2001 - ongoing

Outcome continues to evolve the QSL HEAL framework.

Evidence based research: 2021 - 2021

Evaluating the quality of life experience of 14 participants from multiple continents who went through a 12 week individualized online mentoring QSL HEAL process.

Fundamental research: 2023- ongoing

Using the HEAL framework to understand how differing languages influence attention, brain dynamics, and social interaction.

IoLee Ecosystem

IoLee Ecosystem; Laszlo Institute for New Paradigm Research; Institute of Noetic Science

IoLee Ecosystem, Ronin Institute





Chan, Andrea (Wing Shan)

Luidens, Angelo

Monsanto, Carlo G.

Petruse, Andreea G.


Complex Adaptive Systems

Quantum Social Learning (QSL)

Organizational Systems, QSL in Education

research coordinator

Carlo Giovanni Monsanto is a co-founder of IoLee Ecosystem, an endeavor that embodies his commitment to conscious, resonant learning experiences and collaborative conversations. His work transcends boundaries, fostering personal, organizational, and social transformation.

Carlo is a community leader, innovator, scholar, and architect. Carlo’s journey has been shaped by deeply transformative experiences and a rigorous study of various disciplines, including health science, psychology, contemplative science, and, more recently, General Quantum Theory. His exploration of Bohmian Mechanics and Rheomode has further enriched his understanding of reality and consciousness.

Carlo’s unique ability to simultaneously look from different perspectives, bodies of knowledge, and insights enables him to facilitate transformative change in those he encounters. Since 1990, he has meticulously systematized his expertise. In 2019, alongside his partners, he pioneered a first-of-a-kind language and communication process that simultaneously involves internal viewing (interception) and synchronizing actions from within, known as H.E.A.L. (Human Experience Augmenting Language). Apart from solving “the hard problem in consciousness,” H.E.A.L. is the basis of the workshops, professional development programs, and facilitator training that Carlo facilitates.

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