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QSL HEAL: Transforming Communication

Who is it for:

  • Leaders
  • HR Specialists
  • Visionaries
  • Change-makers, and
  • Seekers
  • Practitioners
  • Coaches...

“it always seems impossible until it's done...” - Nelson Mandela

the symptoms

Many communities invest valuable resources to mitigate miscommunication, crises, and suffering, affecting educational institutions, businesses, healthcare organizations, and societies globally.

Despite significant effort and financial investment in mitigating the symptoms associated with mental health and other crises, they appear to worsen over time.

global crisis.
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root cause

The source of these symptoms is the loss of connection or abandonment of the connection between our thinking brain, and our feeling brain, heart, and body.

Estrangement from our feelings, bodily self and our physical and social environment can trigger a persistent and highly distressing sense of alienation.

We need to solve these root causes, but many of us lack the language and communication skills to “consciously” recognize, understand, and resolve this disconnection from ourselves, others, and Mother nature.

our solution

  • Thousands of hours of practice-based research into the mechanisms underlying mental health, emotion, language, and communication have led to developing a language and communication process called HEAL.
  • HEAL—Human Experience Augmenting Language – was inspired by various wisdom traditions and scientific endeavors.
  • Imagine being able to relate to the situation before you while seamlessly relating to and understanding your felt emotions, discomforts, and sense of flow. You can even make sense of what you’re experiencing within the context of your past experiences.
  • HEAL enables you to constantly attune with yourself and others.

who is it for...

QSL HEAL is for visionaries, change-makers, and seekers—those who dare to dance at the intersection of science, education, entrepreneurship, and consciousness.

  • Leaders and Innovators: If you’re guiding systems-change, relational work, and well-being — whether in business, education, or community —you’ll find QSL HEAL a powerful framework and process. It will amplify your impact.
  • Educators and Coaches: QSL HEAL infuses your practice with deeper understanding and impact. It bridges the gap between words and energy, unlocking a harmonizing potential.
  • Seekers: Whether you’re a researcher, artist, or philosopher, QSL HEAL invites you to explore our subtle dance with reality. It’s a language of wonder.
  • Collaborators: QSL HEAL thrives in connection. If you seek unity, resonance, and shared purpose, welcome aboard.
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HEAL is more than a language...

We envision HEAL as a transformative language and communication process, used by and weaving through our hearts. Transcending our challenges and confusion, its application can augment our capabilities beyond what we're used to.

HEAL's simple and life-transforming process can be facilitated to anyone whose willing. HEAL-UX, a holistic software ecosystem, can be implemented in well-being and community oriented technologies.

Together we can uplift human life and heal our planet, touching every person, community, project, institution, organization, and company.

Feel free to get in touch; we’re excited to hear from you!

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Teamwork and success business concept. People put hands together in the air. Harmonic in office.

We model and predict the most effective strategies, bridging the gap between business challenges and sustainable solutions. We wish to unlock your team’s potential in the following way:

Business Diagnosis:

  • We delve into your organization, analyze processes, communication gaps, and systemic bottlenecks.
  • We trace symptoms back to their roots, and provide an assessment of your unique requirements.

Mentoring Program:

  • To maximize impact, our seasoned mentors guide your teams through a transformative journey, online and/or in-person.
  • We develop pilot programs, offer personalized mentoring sessions, group workshops, and peer learning circles.

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Follow the links to learn more about our community events and professional development programs.




Embodying Flow Workshop

Facilitator program

QSL HEAL is a contemplative language and communication framework and process that empowers through the hearts of entire communities.

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facilitators and practictioners

Here you will find a page of facilitators and practitioners of QSL HEAL: here (coming soon)

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Follow the link to gain a deeper understanding of QSL HEAL, including details about research.


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If you are a Human Resources specialist, community leader, founder, or executive team member considering the adoption of Quantum Social Learning (QSL) HEAL for your company, community, or organization, it’s important to understand its potential benefits and how it aligns with your organization’s goals.

Please schedule a 15-minute introductory meeting here

and visit our corporate webiste

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Follow the link to read about our technology aspirations. QSL HEAL can be a catalyst for transformation through the use of conscious technology.


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“I had felt blockages such as tension and pressure in the stomach area, lower back, shoulders and neck, jaw and tongue, a lump in the throat, chest pressure, headache and skin rash. These were just some of the many symptoms, after a recent viral infection. Through QSL I learned a simple process by which I would maintain space to map, decode, receive and feel through these blocks. As part of this process, my mentor would help identify and describe what sensations (what I used to call complaints) were being expressed in these parts of my body. I learned to “read” the language of my feelings based on these expressions in my body, translating specific sensations into feelings and reactions to real world issues. Immediately upon recognizing the pattern, impressions or memories related to challenging situations in my past would effortlessly surface and join the experience, allowing me to navigate through my body, opening myself to the possibility of receiving whatever I wanted to feel while maintaining space for the challenging experience that I had not yet allowed myself to receive and resolve. After processing each experience, the expansion, peace and tranquility would return again. There would be a feeling of coming home into myself."

Richard J. (Netherlands)

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