Quantum social learning augments your capabilities beyond your imagination.

The Quantum Discovery Process


…discover how to flow, from the inside out… and achieve your potential here and now…

My name is Carlo Giovanni Monsanto, and I am the architect and CEO of IoLee Ecosystem. Our work revolves around the following:

  • QSL (quantum social learning) is a five-stage evolutionary action learning process that uses “IoLee” to evolve how you attune to and interpret reality, augmenting your human capabilities.
  • IoLee (Inside Out Learning Experience Ecosystem) is a conscious, physiologically, and emotionally resonant language learning process that evolves your relationships and evokes shared intelligence, collaborative conversations, and actions.
  • QSL IoLee can be applied by anyone, including founders and executive teams of enterprises, and has the potential to facilitate transformational change at both a personal, organizational, and social scale.

If you’re a founder or executive team member who envisions social transformation, you can contact me for a consultation and evaluation of how QSL IoLee can evolve your team, enterprise, or social transformation project.

If you are looking to resolve your challenges relating self and others, you have come to the right place!

“I had felt blockages such as tension and pressure in the stomach area, lower back, shoulders and neck, jaw and tongue, a lump in the throat, chest pressure, headache and skin rash. These were just some of the many symptoms, after a recent viral infection. Through QSL-IOLEE I learned a simple process by which I would maintain space to map, decode, receive and feel through these blocks. As part of this process, my mentor would help identify and describe what sensations (what I used to call complaints) were being expressed in these parts of my body. I learned to “read” the language of my feelings based on these expressions in my body, translating specific sensations into feelings and reactions to real world issues. Immediately upon recognizing the pattern, impressions or memories related to challenging situations in my past would effortlessly surface and join the experience, allowing me to navigate through my body, opening myself to the possibility of receiving whatever I wanted to feel while maintaining space for the challenging experience that I had not yet allowed myself to receive and resolve. After processing each experience, the expansion, peace and tranquility would return again. There would be a feeling of coming home into myself."

Richard J. (Netherlands)

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This Quantum Discovery Process bases itself on quantum social learning (QSL), a novel living language, method for knowledge acquisition, and conscious action learning practice, that can evolve your life beyond crises, and develop your capabilities beyond your imagination…

The Learning Process

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Stage 1

Flow in Observing

Time-tested observation practices, based on quantum social learning, help you uncover the more subtle aspects of your experience and grow beyond crises, seeing reality through a more mindful lens.

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Stage 2

Flow in Feeling

Through observation, you can learn to tune to and resolve what reaches you from within, revealing how you can consciously influence your mind and body, and the world around you towards balance.

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Stage 3

Flow in Relating

As you better recognize what comes from within, you will feel more balanced, increasing your ability to influence your relationships, conversations, and collaborations towards equilibrium.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

“Quantum social learning enriched my personal and student life beyond expectations. A new language of emotions has made me more aware of my body and how emotions affect it. In my personal life, this has enabled me to understand reactive patterns that were holding me back. It has allowed me to connect with past experiences that needed resolution. By enriching my personal life in such a profound way, my student life has also improved significantly. I am more present and better understand other people's internal processes, discerning which feelings are mine and which are not. In general, these are great tools and insights to use when communicating with others.”

R. Rodriguez (United States)

Be more aware and present with self.

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Observe reality like never before.


Process difficult experiences, and allow your emotions to flow.

Learn self-reflexively.

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Feel healthy and resilient.

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New levels of freedom.

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Feel open to communicating with transparency and a heartfelt connection.

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Learning Process

3D Learning Friends

Action Learning

2 hours / week

online in Zoom.


18 Hours

Conscious Person

Conscious Practice

In and outside of



3 Stages

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Social Practice

Conscious practice in social interaction.


I wish to participate in a 1-day Introduction to the Quantum Discovery Process, which introduces me to QSL’s conscious action learning experience.

Get ready to unlock the secrets of a language, IoLee, that's all about building trust, honesty, and strong bonds. Join us for a one-day workshop where you'll put your new skills to the test alongside other eager learners. Top it off with expert feedback from experienced facilitators.

I wish to follow an individualized route that supports me in dealing with a challenging situation.

Our private 12-week mentoring process follows the same learning process described above, which first helps you evolve out of your challenging situation and then assists you in expanding your resiliency, well-being, and human capabilities.

Register below for an intro call with one of our facilitators, or contact your country's representative.


IoLee Ecosystem responds to the crisis of disconnection and unconscious reactivity affecting many global sociopolitical systems, putting the whole planet in crisis. We see QSL-IOLEE as an urgent and crucial socially oriented conscious process, method, and practice that can contribute to evolving social connection. To this end, we offer the above discovery process for personal and professional development and facilitator training, and we conduct research and contribute to technological development.

Quantum social learning augments your capabilities beyond your imagination.

Quantum Discovery Process